I have one story.
This is about a girl who has many big dreams! She loves writing so much, and everything she dreamed, will written on her big diary books. She named the book “The Dreams Book”.

One of her writing have stolen by a fairy. In a first time, the girl didn’t recognize it. But then, when she read her book -she really loves to read The Dreams Book repeatedly- she found one page lost. The girl didn’t know that the fairy brought the paper to the King. The girl felt very sad. She dreamed again, if the lost page bring her to the way to make it real.

In The Dream Kingdom, The Dream King read the paper the fairy brought.

“I have many big dreams about my study. I have dreamed it since I was not the student of this college yet. To my sister, I told that I’ll make everyone know and change their mind about what I’ll learn in this University. But now, after 2 years passed, I still can’t find the way to make it real. Maybe I’m too afraid if the ideas which are filling my brain, rejected. Or maybe, actually, I’m too lazy to organize it? The last one more suitable to me, I guess.

I said, I don’t care. And I looked like really don’t care. But inside my heart, in my brain, I’m always thinking about this! I want everyone know the best of my department. I want they interested to the event we make. I want to make bigger festival in my campus. I want it!!
And suddenly, that voice fills my room again:
‘how can you dream a big thing and ask the way to make it real, if you now still sit-in-very-comfortable-place in your room?? I thought you already know and understood, but no, you don’t!’

I know. I must not only dream, but also standup and make a change.

But, how?”

The Dream King was confused. He looked to the fairy and sigh.
“What can we do?” asked him.
“I don’t know, my King. She too lazy to wake up. She feels comfort in the dream world, I guess. And it’s not good for her.”
“So, what should we do?”
“Maybe, we should give her a challenge, to make her out of her enjoy zone.”
“Hmm… Apologize me, my King, I still don’t have idea.”

The Dream King and the fairy tried to thing what challege they should give to the girl to make her out from her enjoy zone. They thought, and thought, and thought.

Until night came out and the sun went to sleep, they still couldn’t find an idea. And The King fell asleep and dreamed the girl…,



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